Game of Thrones – Episode 1 – Iron From Ice

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Based on the HBO’s television drama, Game of Thrones, Tellgate Games released a six chapter game series that tells the story starting from Season 3 Episode 9 – The Rains of Castamere, also known as “The Red Wedding”. Throughout this six chapter series, House Forrester, rulers of Ironrath, is the focal point as they were loyal bannermen serving House Stark leading up to Walder Frey and Roose Bolton’s betrayal to the Starks and any bannermen that followed them as they were slaughtered over a wedding reception within the dining hall of The Twins. Now, Roose Bolton is Warden in the North and his bastard son, Ramsay Snow, is laying down the law by using intimidation, violence, and his fathers name to push around the Forresters in Ironrath. This game puts the gamer in the drivers seat as the actions and choices they make can influence events and character reactions across the six chapter series.

I’ve decided to not have any commentary during this recording so that you, the viewer, can completely immerse yourself in the story without listening to breathing into the mic or my banter over what the characters are saying. Enjoy the clip for what it is and I will defend my choices later in this post.


Below are my explanations of all the choices I’ve made throughout the game as well as my rating of the game. If you haven’t seen this video before, consider this your “Spoiler Alert” warning to not read the below contents until after you’ve watched the video.



Saving Bowen:
Choice 1: Warn Lord Forrester
Choice 2: Save Bowen *My Choice*

He’s a bit of a complainer and a little bossy, but I wasn’t going to let a fellow squire get slashed down in cold blood right in front of me without any warning. Running away to warn Lord Forrester wouldn’t have done to much anyway since the men were ready to fight and the madness had already started even before I had ran there with Bowen.

Killing the Bolton Soldier:
Choice 1: Kill him *My Choice*
Choice 2: Show mercy

Once I got the idea that it was my family that had been sliced down, they’d have to be a bunch of fools to think they are getting away. What I saw were three guys showing off their power in the North now that the Starks were out of the picture and there was a new warden in the north. Even after his plea of having a family and blah-blah-blah to save his own skin, there is no reason for not shoving my sword through his throat after not only slaughtering both my defenseless father and sister, but the farm animals that live on my land. If it were my choice, I would have seen to it that the other solder didn’t get away. Unfortunately that’s how the story unfolded.

Queen Cersei Confrontation

I just wanted to point out when Mira Forrester was confronted in from of the Queen for being a possible traitor to the crown for serving “a house of traitors” when referring to the Starks, zero satisfaction of loyalty to her crazy son, King Joffrey. I said everything I possibly could to answer her questions without swearing loyalty to King Joffrey. Her and Joffrey deserve no loyalty from me or my family.

Eric the 
Choice 1: Take three fingers *My Choice*
Choice 2: Send him to the wall
Choice 3: Show him mercy

As you could tell from my delayed reaction, I put a lot of thought into this one before I made my choice. I didn’t want to let him go free of any punishment. This would reflect a bad view to the people of Ironrath that stealing from the House would be an acceptable action with no punishment. He was begging to not be sent to the wall mentioning he had a wife and children to provide for. I wouldn’t want him to be sent to the wall and when the brothers needed him the most for battle, he would flee like the coward he is. Not to mention he might cause issues with Gared since he’s part of House Forrester. I came to the conclusion taking his three fingers would show the town of Ironrath that actions such as this will result in punishment, and he could stay with his family to continue to supply without being sent to the wall.

Picking my Sentinel

Choice 1: Sir Royland Degore *My Choice*
Choice 2: Duncan Tuttle

Judging by the Bolton’s anger and threats, diplomacy isn’t going to play out well which seems to be Duncan’s best tool. On the other hand, Sir Royland’s talent seems to be training men and leading an army to protect Ironrath. I wanted to put a military man in power to help form or lead a military when we have one formed. That seems to be what I am forced to do because the Bolton’s are acting like bad asses.

Retrieving Asher Forrester
Choice 1: Send Malcolm to Essos *My Choice*
Choice 2: Keep Malcolm Here

I’m not sure if she would of sent him behind my back because I think Asher is meant to return to Ironrath as part of the story, but I decided that it would be a good idea to send Malcolm to get Asher to come home. Based on all the hostility going on within Ironrath, we are going to need all of the swords we can get.



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