Reviews – The Star Trek Feature Films (2016)

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A quick recap of my Twitter mini-reviews of the TOS features. The TNG and Kelvin Timeline movies will be added to this space as they are reviewed.


If you can look past the rigidity and deliberate pacing, Kirk & especially Spock have excellent character arcs.  
My Grade: B+
Twitter Poll: 2.81



It’s the perfectly balanced Trek feature. Character growth, emotion, action, & sci-fi are all here in abundance.
My Grade: A
Twitter Poll: 3.91



Highly underrated and very emotionally satisfying. It introduces an amazing number of important Trek elements.
My Grade: A-
Twitter Poll: 3.24



It’s incredibly funny and very heartfelt with a perfectly pitched message. Only Star Trek could tell this story.
My Grade: A
Twitter Poll: 3.80



There are enough nice character moments & solid performances to prevent it from becoming a complete catastrophe.
My Grade: C
Twitter Poll: 1.85



An allegory about the end of the Cold War with a perfectly Trek message about the need to change with the times.
My Grade: A
Twitter Poll: 3.63

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