Trekkie Awards – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Season Four

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season Four Trekkie Award nominations and winners.

Best Episode
“Hard Time”
“The Quickening”
“The Visitor” WINNER
“The Way of the Warrior”

The Visitor


Best Performance by a Series Lead
Avery Brooks, “The Visitor”
Michael Dorn, “The Way of the Warrior”
Terry Farrell, “Rejoined”
Colm Meaney, “Hard Time” WINNER
Alexander Siddig, “The Quickening”



Best Performance by a Guest Star
Brock Peters, “Homefront”
Michael Sarrazin, “The Quickening”
Susanna Thompson, “Rejoined”
Tony Todd, “The Visitor” WINNER
Craig Wasson, “Hard Time”



Best Teleplay
“Hard Time” – Robert Hewitt Wolfe (teleplay), Daniel Keys Martin & Lynn Barker (story)
“Homefront” – Ira Steven Behr & Robert Hewitt Wolfe
“Rejoined” – Ronald D. Moore & Rene Echevarria (teleplay), Rene Echevarria (story)
“The Quickening” – Naren Shankar
“The Visitor” – Michael Taylor WINNER



Best Director
“Hard Time” – Alexander Singer
“Homefront”  – David Livingston
“The Quickening” – Rene Auberjonois
“The Visitor” – David Livingston WINNER
“The Way of the Warrior” – James L. Conway



Best Cinematography
“Hard Time”
“The Quickening” WINNER
“Starship Down”



Best Art Direction
“Our Man Bashir” WINNER
“The Quickening”
“The Visitor”



Best Costume Design
“Little Green Men”
“Our Man Bashir” WINNER
“The Visitor”



Best Film Editing
“Hard Time”
“The Visitor” WINNER
“The Way of the Warrior”



Best Musical Score
“Our Man Bashir” – Jay Chattaway
“The Visitor” – Dennis McCarthy WINNER
“The Way of the Warrior” – Dennis McCarthy



Best Visual Effects
“Shattered Mirror”
“Starship Down”
“The Way of the Warrior” WINNER



Changes from the original nominations:
-Avery Brooks’ nomination was shifted from “Homefront” to “The Visitor”
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