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In today’s world, internet security is extremely important when it comes to protecting our devices. Over the last decade of working in the information technology field, I have been exposed to using many security solutions that were below average at best to defending against threats. I’ve noticed, especially in a corporate environment, businesses are used to the popular and comfortable big names like Norton and McAfee. In my opinion, just because you have a well known name, doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best solution. Two months ago I moved to a new place of employment which is currently being protected with Norton Symantec’s Endpoint. I have been in discussions with my boss about the security holes that Norton possesses. I advised him it might be a good idea to move away from our current security solution, and pursue a more reliable, secure, and up to date security solution.AVtrashcan

Seven years ago I stumbled on Kaspersky’s product when I was trying to find something better than I had. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Kaspersky grow stronger with their system reporting, alert management, web filtering, customized and scheduled computer scanning, financial security, and so much more. If you know anything about being referred to as the “IT Guru”, family and friends rely on you heavily to fix their computers. The majority of the time the machine becomes unhealthy because it has been exposed to something malicious. Either their machine’s hard drive would need a full wipe, or you’d have to spend many hours finding and eliminating the issue. I personally found myself in this situation several times. Many of my family members constantly got viruses to the point where I had to play doctor every three months or so. Once I recommended my friends and family to use this product, the need for my services diminished to nothing due to all of Kaspersky’s safety features. This was enough to show me that Kaspersky can help defend a persons machine no matter how negligent they are when it comes to web browsing and possible dangerous files being opened or install on their machine. This helped spark my faith in Kaspersky’s service, and it will continue to do so until it shows me otherwise.


If you’re looking for a security solution for your machine, I would advise very heavily on subscribing for their product. They have very fair pricing too. $60.00 a year will cover up to 3 PC’s in your home. That’s $20.00 a year for all 3 machines. I’d say that’s very good pricing to eliminate headaches  to have your equipment replaced. Especially if you’re paying to have someone do it. The cost could become very extensive over the course of the year if you’re a heavy


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